Random Favorite Christmas Song #3, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” Glee Version

Glee live 2011 - Dublin
Glee live 2011 – Dublin (Photo credit: Leon Langhaus)

From Margaret Whiting and John Mercer to Dinah Shore and Buddy Clark, Ella Fitzgerald and Dean Martin–wait, that wasn’t together, ah well, a lot of people have sung this song. I have some last-minute preparations to do before the rest of the clan arrives, but I’ll probably pop just a few more of these on you between this Christmas Eve and the big day tomorrow.

Here though is my very favorite version of this song. When my middle-son Jonathan saw this video (It first came out last year or 2010, I don’t recall–you look it up this time; I’m busy), he said, “I’m not ashamed to say it; THAT’S adorable!”

Yes, and I confess to having a we bit of a crush on young Kurt from Glee. And the way his sweetie sings this with him? Sigh. . . this captures the best of the song in a modern setting, one that finally acknowledges the way many of us have wanted to hear this song performed. We’ve come a long way since 1949, and we are not through yet. Blessed Christmas Eve to you, do something to stay warm, even if you live in Southern California. You know what I mean.

I assure you, this is even worth sitting through the brief add at the beginning of the clip. No, really.

11 Replies to “Random Favorite Christmas Song #3, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” Glee Version”

  1. Merry Christmas. Thanks for the tune. I must admit, my favorite version of this song is Bette Midler/James Caan, from “For The Boys”

    Hope you enjoy your holidays!


    1. Love Bette Midler. Yes this song has been done so well by so many. I even liked Dolly Parton’s version with Rod Stewart. Some may argue that it’s really not a Christmas song, but maybe that’s just folks who want to restrict the celebration. I’m all for a winter solstice stretch.


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