Vader, Monkey, Sting and a Fresh Start

Micah, the Monkey Prodigy
Micah, the Monkey Prodigy

Happy first day of 2013 to you!  I already covered my new year post last time, but while looking at my stats the other day I found something from four years ago that gave me the giggles, and I wanted to share it with you on the dawn of this new year.

In the blogging stats here on WordPress it tells you the search terms that people have used on the inter-webs to find your posts. Sometimes these terms are quite funny, especially when they don’t seem to have anything directly to do with your own blog. Now and then Tilly on the Laughing Housewife has pointed out in her posts the bizarre and often hilarious combinations of search terms that lead new people to her blog.

So the other day I saw in the search terms section, “Ripped like a spun monkey.” Yeah. I was confused too! It had a familiar ring to it, some spark from the dusty dust bins of my memory, but I had no idea why typing that phrase into a search engine should lead someone to my blog. The only connection I could think of is my youngest son’s blog over at Monkey Prodigy, so I typed the phrase into Google Search and wouldn’t you know that The Dad Poet came up at the very tippy top of the search results. An honor indeed!

And the post it led me to can be found by clicking right here. And I really think you should. It’s a funny little video that Micah, the Monkey sent to me four years ago as a Holiday Greeting. He was only twelve at the time and writing on a blog called “The Blog that Will Never Love You.” After hearing his festive tidings to his father from Chad Vader himself, please go check out the Monkey’s latest New Year Revolution post.

And in the spirit of that post I give you another Sting song, appropriately the title track from his Brand New Day Album.

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  1. slpmartin says:

    A most interesting video….have a wonderful first week.


    1. sonofwalt says:

      And you too, my friend. Thank you!


  2. Searches are as much fun as spam 🙂

    Going to check out the video now.


  3. Professions for PEACE says:

    A delightful and funny post! 😀 Your Micah is amazing. Thanks so much for sharing! Oh and the IKEA monkey tale has been cracking me up for weeks. Have you seen the painting done by a woman in Halifax? A clever spoof of the horrific ‘restoration’ done in Madrid, ruining a centuries old mural of the face of Christ. If you search (sorry Tilly) ‘ecce homo ikea monkey’ you’ll see tons of this adorable painting of ‘Darwin’ done up like the botched restoration, while sporting his stylish little jacket. Oh the things that become memes! 🙂


    1. sonofwalt says:

      Haha, no I’ve been in my cave since Christmas, but I’ll google the Ikea monkey and the restoration. Sounds delightful. 🙂


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