Self-Defense Is a Weird Argument for Owning a Gun (Reblogged from Rottin’ in Denmark)

I stumbled across Rottin’ in Denmark today during a rare trip to the Freshly Pressed section of my WordPress reader. The deeper I dug into his posts the more I enjoyed his writing, admired his tone and identified with his values. This part in particular is sheer brilliance.

“I know NRA types think that when you say ‘I would rather have a gun’ in this scenario, they’ve won the argument. But I don’t think they actually know what argument they’re making.

It’s a bit like someone asking you ’If you were to stumble upon a black cobra, would you rather have a mongoose with you, or not?’

I would like to have a mongoose with me in that situation (and many others, obviously). But what is that an argument for? That I should own a mongoose? That everyone should?

Personally, I would rather live in a society that minimizes black cobra attacks than one where I am required to take care of a vicious rodent to survive. Just seems more efficient that way.

Mongoose and Cobra.

Thank you, sir for putting into words what I was thinking better than I knew how. Your metaphor put the finger directly on the nerve and explained exactly why I felt the everyone-gets-a gun-argument was so ridiculous. I am now a fan.

I just couldn’t resist that last link. 😉

Rottin' in Denmark


In this dialogue between Ta-Nehisi Coates (take away all the guns!) and Jeffrey Goldberg (give everybody a gun!), much of the argument hinges on this hypothetical:

let me ask the Augustinian question: Let’s say you’re in the mall with me, or another friend, and a psychopathic shooter is approaching us, AR-15 in hand. In this situation, my life is at stake, as well as yours. I’ll ask the question again: Would you want a gun in hand to help keep us alive, and to keep the strangers around you — each one a human being created in the image of God (I know you lean atheist, but you get my point) — alive as well?

We’ll get to the other questions later, but this is important: In the situation I just described above, would you rather have a gun, or rather not?

I know NRA types think that when you…

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  1. What an interesting critique of the pro-gun argument–thanks for this illuminating view of the absurd escalation that arming everyone would involve.

    With that said, *if* the NRA were to hand me a growing …herd? horde? stockpile? of mongeese, I would make friends with all of them and turn ’em into snuggly, playful pets. You know–like ferrets, except with an appetite for cobras.


    1. sonofwalt says:

      I think it’s mongooses.


  2. Anonymous says:

    The whole thing is too crazy …drives me crazy to think on it..!!


  3. Anonymous says:

    That anonymous is Me…Kristine…don’t know why I am anon !!??


    1. sonofwalt says:

      I don’t know why, Kristine. Maybe it forgot your log in after all that traveling the world. 🙂 Funny thing is, I knew it was you!


  4. Jane says:

    I couldn’t resist the last link either 🙂


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