Love Poems We Wish We had Written, with Suzie Grogan

So tickled and honored that my friend Suzie felt inspired by my love poem series. This will be a fun! Any other bloggers out there care to share the love poems you wish you had written? Blog them and link back to us so we can share.

No more wriggling out of writing ......

loveI do have to mention, as I begin this post, that I was inspired by the wonderful David J Bauman over at The Dad Poet. We both love poetry and he has a wonderful reading voice – I was lucky enough to have him read one of my own poems, Life Force, included in Dandelions and Bad Hair Days.

Anyway, as we approach St Valentine’s Day I thought I would, with his permission, pinch his idea and post some poems that I wish I had written.

There are many classic love poems, often read at weddings, which move us and which are truly beautiful. But I think it is very hard to get love poetry ‘right’ as we live ever further into the 21st Century and life seems to take us away from expressing our feelings eloquently to those we love. Text speak is not designed to involve deep…

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