Another Poem You Wish You Had Written, from Suzie G.

Another beautiful choice of a poem for the series, from my friend and fellow Browning lover, Suzie Grogan.


No more wriggling out of writing ......


This is such an enjoyable series to work on . It is made more poignant for me at the moment as I spend a week away from my husband, ostensibly writing ‘Shell-Shocked Britain’ for Pen and Sword Books. Perhaps, when it comes to the end of September and the manuscript is due to be delivered I will regret spending an hour with Elizabeth Barrett Browning, but I don’t think so. I have already written more than 1000 words of my book and this is a gentle break of an hour or so.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning was born on March 6, 1806 in Durham, England. Her father made a fortune in Jamaican sugar plantations, buying a 500 acre estate in the Malvern Hills where Elizabeth led a privileged childhood, developing a precocious interest in literature. She was encouraged by Mr Barrett who called her the ‘poet laureate of Hope End’ and she became a devotee…

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  1. Joan Leacott says:

    Hey David, Thanks for the mention. I’m a sporadic birder as well. Mostly in the summer when it’s warm enough to be outside for hours. In the winter, I prefer watching the bird feeder through the window–so much more comfy.


    1. Unfortunately I only have a tiny courtyard, and with the dastardly squirrels I haven’t tried to put up feeders here. 🙂


    2. Joan Leacott says:

      I bribe the squirrels with sunflower seeds on the ground. Seems they’d rather go for the easy access than do a tightrope walk to get to the bird feeder which hangs on a clothesline between two trees. So far, so good…


    3. I may try that. Like I said the courtyard is very small. More a postage stamp for a breakfast nook, a grill and a few plants than anything else. Most of my birding will have to be done elsewhere, although I have watched bald eagles flying near the river from the balcony.


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