A Love Poem I actually Did Write

Paul McCartney, a British singer-songwriter an...
Paul McCartney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“You’d think that people would have had enough of silly love songs.
I look around me and I see it isn’t so.
Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs.
And what’s wrong with that, I’d like to know?
Cause here I go, again. . . “

–Paul McCartney

But apparently people are tired of love poetry. I saw my blog site hits plummet dramatically right after the big day was over. And it was a drop even below the hubbub of the big VD (Don’t be crude, it means Valentine’s Day) posts. But that’s alright people will make up, find new suitors, take the ring back to the jewelry store. Life will get back to normal, and they will realize that they really don’t hate love poems that much after all. Like the blues, we sometimes need these pieces to see us through, the sad ones that make us feel good, and the happy ones that give us hope.

Suzie Grogan did a lovely companion series of Love Poems You Wish You Had Written over on her blog, No Wriggling Out of Writing. Be sure to check out her selections and the extras that, like me, she couldn’t resist throwing in before it was all said and done. I was going to provide a comprehensive list of links for all ten poems and the bonus pieces below, but if you click on her link above and then on this one here for the series on my blog, you will be all set.

My sweetheart is off to do some work out-of-town and I am off to have dinner with the Bauman boys, those handsome young fellows in the banner at the top of the page. But before this Monday-After is through I want to close the door on the whole series of Love Poems You Wish You Had Written with a love poem I actually did compose. This one was for Brian on our second anniversary. I cannot quite fathom that it’s been less than four years since we got together. It’s one of those “what started out as friendship” kind of things, not that I wasn’t infatuated. I was.

I also had this odd feeling, like I had known him before. Have you ever had that notion, unshakable that you knew someone from long before you ever could have met them? It was like this memory of playing with him on the playground as a child, though I am 13 years his senior so I knew that was impossible. I do not believe in past lives, but if I did, he would be the reason why.

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  1. …Just now, here, overlooking the Derwent River on a blustery, chilly Hobart morning in Australia’s Tasmania…your felt-word images unfurled from the computer and alighted warmth and reconnections in my heart to childhood feelings that I became aware I’d ‘lost’…Thank you David…Word artisanship too which nurtures, inspires and re-ignites the Know-ledges of the beauty and simple Power of and within Intimacy, which I’m also aware (with grace), I’ve ‘lost’…

    Lovingly ‘with’ and happy for, you both…




    1. I think I have said this before, Stuart, but I cannot imagine a better compliment. Thank you for sharing those thoughts with me. Stay warm, friend! xo


  2. BTW…Just to be clear!…I don’t just ‘Like’ this piece…I think it’s extraordinarily/exquisitely beautiful! I’m lining up to purchase your hot-off-the-press or kindle-ised published works….THANK YOU!


    1. Thank you, good sir! I promise you will be the first to know!


  3. slpmartin says:

    “..a story only scars remember..”…one of my favorite lines your fine poem…a sweet remembrance of youth and love.


    1. Thank you! Often we remember the scars, but it occurred to me that the scars probably recall more than what we forgot.


  4. keatsbabe says:

    Beautiful. I can see why you can tie this in to the poem ‘Love at first sight’ on my blog. I still have a sense that I saw a man that would be important to me, coming out of a shop in London long before Peter and I started going out, before I knew he even existed.. Dark hair, smiling eyes, Peter is that chap. At least I hope he is….!

    I also picked up on the drop in views after the ‘big day’ last week. We will keep the faith I am sure. Btw – I have been offered a Community Radio show – a book programme with author interviews, readings (poetry and prose)!! I am so excited. Time differences willing you can listen in on the internet…..I might even ask for an interview from across the water ……


    1. Oh, honey! Congratulations! And I would be honored, truly. keeping the faith. . .


  5. angryricky says:

    Gah! No text! And here I am, with no youtube access. Sigh… One more thing to remember to look up when I have home internet.


    1. Oh no, the images in the video go wonderfully with the text. There are a few reasons why I haven’t posted the text yet, but I’ll dig for it and try to remember to send you a copy.


  6. Sigh…so lovely. (I, for one, am just now catching up on Valentine’s Day observances!) The idea of a love reunion with someone from the past is so eerie and compelling.

    I’m especially struck by these lines: “I Merlin, teaching you to be more you by changing shape”–this is one of the best things we can do for the ones we love. Thanks for posting another wonderful poem of yours.


    1. Thank you, Jennifer. I especially liked that line too. I am glad it spoke to you. Suzie posted a poem that was pretty compelling too, about people almost meeting over and over again before they finally notice each other when they are ready. I cannot recall the poet’s name or its title, but I’ll check back on it.


  7. John says:

    David — it’s absolutely beautiful! So full of wonderful words and images (I too love the “…a story only scars remember.” — that resonates with me in so many ways). And, your reading is wonderful too… you can feel the emotion in your voice.

    And… this poem has reminded me of the sandbox in my back yard, and how I grew to despise the neighborhood cats who ruined my beloved play area…until my parents built a cover for the sandbox, thus making things, again, all right with the world… 🙂


    1. Thank you, John. I am particularly and oddly perhaps, touched by your identification with the sandbox bit. I was hoping that was as meaningful as the rest, and am glad it resonated with you. Thank you for your kind words.


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