Bonus Track: Marjorie Maddox reads “Clyde Peeling’s Reptileland”

(Photo credit: GraphicReality)

Yesterday I read a poem from Marjorie Maddox’s book Weeknights at the Cathedral, and so as  bonus I thought I’d bring out a favorite of mine again. I posted this originally back in October, but it’s well worth a second hearing. Because of some technical difficulties I actually spliced together her intro from the Midtown Scholar bookstore with her reading before the the chairperson of the Pennsylvania Council of the Arts, Susan Corbet at the state Capitol that same day.

You’ll get a bit of Jerry Wemple in this video as well, and I’ll have something from his work for you later this week. It was a great pleasure and honor to share the microphone with these two.

Around here if you want to see snakes, lizards and reptiles galore, the place to go is Clyde Peeling’s Reptile Land. You might even enjoy a catered birthday party there, or as this piece imagines, a wedding. Yes, a wedding. Click here to open the poem’s text in a new window and follow along.

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