Bonus Track, “Man in Space,” Read by Billy Collins

I honestly cannot remember if I have shared this video with you before or not. So forgive me if you’ve already seen it, but I came across this poem again today from Billy Collins’ book The Art of Drowning, and that got me thinking of this video. I enjoy Billy’s reading of this, and the video matches it perfectly. Enjoy!

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  1. slpmartin says:

    Excellent bonus!


    1. Thanks, Charles! I should mention that I fixed the typo that you were too kind to mention. 🙂 I should also note that the book, The Art of Drowning was the first Collins volume I held in my hand. Not his first poems, but the first full book, and it might actually belong to a dear poet friend of mine from years ago whom I lost track of. So Charity, if you are reading this, I have your book! Actually, it’s just as possible that I picked up a copy myself after giving it back. I just don’t recall. Anyway, I added the link to Amazon in the post, but it’s one that you could probably easily get from a local bookstore too, which despite my love for the interwebs, is the way I prefer to do it.


  2. Jamie Dedes says:

    You’re right. A perfect wedding. Hadn’t seen that vid. Thanks for posting.


    1. Yay! I worry sometimes that I am sharing something good but something that everyone here has already seen. Thanks!


    2. Jamie Dedes says:

      Well, even then – seeing a good thing again is still seeing a good thing. No worries … LOL! 🙂

      Be well, David.


    3. You too, Jamie, thanks!


  3. Bruce Ruston says:

    No worries still worth a second watch


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