nothing left to lose….

I told you about Ann and John and a few others writing poems, reading them out loud, spreading the beauty of it. Here is another I admire greatly. Charles, and his cast, including Aunt Bea and the Brown-Bag-Prophet, cut to the heart of things, sometimes subtly, sometimes like a wooden bat to a low curve ball, like today.

He reads them aloud and usually includes a drawing or photographic art of his own creation. What I wouldn’t do for the well of inspiration this guy is tapped into!

The incredible thing to me is that Charles does this almost every day, not just for a month, but year-round! More people need to be Reading Between the Minds.

Read Between the Minds

nothing left to lose

the brown bag prophet
office workers
file out
of high-rises
well-dressed professors
head to starbucks
to meet
their favorite
mini-skirted lab assistants
the glint in his eyes
was more
than i
could resist
so i
why such
with these
he took
a sip from
his bag
they’ve all bought into
the illusion
of freedom
not knowing
any moment
a private corporation
the federal reserve bank
could call in
their loan on life
leaving them
to live
a penny-on-the-dollar existence
they’re all worker bees
doesn’t matter
their size
they’re all slaves
paycheck to paycheck
to payback
a national debt
to an unseen
who owns
every country
in the world
i wonder
has freedom
the living
the dead
brown bag drunk
by the side
of the road

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8 Replies to “nothing left to lose….”

    1. Me too! And he’s such a sweet gentleman, very supportive of my own efforts here on the DP. I added just a bit in the post about his drawings, photographs and recordings.


  1. Charles was the first blogger-poet I encounter and I fell immediately in love with his work. I want to say it’s been about four years now. Never disappointed. Also appreciate his encouragement. Judging by his poetry, he’s a really decent human being as well as a fine poet. Good choice to include him here, David. Kudos to you … and we are all enjoying your unique wellspring too.

    Poem on …


  2. I discovered Charles through this blog, several months ago, and have been a follower since. His poems aways make me think — in a good way. I’m glad you introduced me to Charles, Aunt Bea (my personal favorite!), and the Brown-Bag-Prophet.


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