Weekly Reading Out Loud Challenge: William Stafford

I’ll be posting my reading of this poem tonight. How about you? Why not? Do you recall the game, “Oh Henry?” You can change the meaning just by the inflections, the tone, the voice. It can be angry, sad, wistful, commanding, inquisitive. While a full poem is not quite so ambiguous, there is some room for interpretation, and I think John has chosen, not only one of my favorite poets, but a really excellent piece that has room for differing interpretations. I truly would love to hear this in many voices. Please try it before Thursday night, and follow John;s directions to share your audio recording.

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  1. John says:

    Mr B… Again, I thank you for your support, in trying to get this idea off the ground.

    Your support and friendship is much appreciated!


    1. My pleasure. Sorry I fell asleep after a short work shift. Rare for me to be in bed before midnight. Gonna record after coffee.


  2. David, ok so you are totally inspiring me to (finally!) consider reading out loud! I’ll share with you when I do finally do!!! Thanks, David. Blessings, Lisa


    1. Lisa, he’s put up a new one today. Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath. Check it out. I look forward to hearing you read.


    2. I just saw that on my in box! I love Sylvia! Going over to check it out!


    3. haha, okay. Good!


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