From the august trees

A delightful video from a blog called Some Little Crum Creek. I was lucky to find Scott’s blog when he commented on my reading of Ted Kooser’s “Screech Owl” for National Poetry Month back in April. This is a perfect match for the call that Ted wrote about. Scott has many pictures, videos, observations and reflections on a small area of Little Crumb Creek near his home in Southeastern Pennsylvania, just a couple hours from where I live here in the Susquehanna region.


some little crum creek

Some parts of our nature we might never see.
But under a rising moon, out from a waning season,
an imploring eastern screech owl sounds — savor the mystery.


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5 Replies to “From the august trees”

  1. David, as I wrote on my page, I’m delighted to see & hear a bit of Little Crum Creek sounding its natural vowels with the poems you’ve picked and brought to life with your voice. I’m truly enjoying your selections and readings. Thanks!


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