“Amish Fantasy” on Secrets T(OUR) for Halloween

A two-way road in Amish country-side
A typical view from the road here in Amish Country (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How’s that for an enigmatic title? We can put this under the heading (once I get around to figuring out how to reorganize my “categories”) of Publishing News or Recently Published.

Not long ago T/OUR Magazine, subtitled “The Truth About OUR Stories,” solicited entries on the theme “Secrets.” T/OUR is a young literary magazine out of Seattle Washington, where there is a thriving artistic community. While T/OUR is all about the stories of the LGBT community, it is not at all exclusive to LGBT writers and artists.

They chose my little Halloween piece, inspired by a date who came Amish-style to a costume party, for their October issue this year. I’m proud to have one of my poems printed in their pages.

Click here for the front page of the issue (my links always open in a new window). You’ll find secrets, priests, tom-boys, gay teens, a “Home Remedy for Hickeys” and a recounting of “The Perils of Being Hot for Teacher in the 1980s.” All of this presented in a snazzy array of paintings, drawings, photography, stories and even prose poems. My contribution is on page ten, but I’m hoping you’ll peruse the whole issue.

There is a lot of great stuff, but my favorite poems are “Pearl Jam Ballet,” by Jess Nesbitt and “We Sit on Our Stories,” by Keigh-Cee Welsch. Enjoy.

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  1. slpmartin says:

    Congrats…as is most times the case your writing is clever and creative.


    1. I consider that high praise from you, Charles. Thank you!


  2. John says:

    I really like your poem …and, the mag is pretty cool… love the cover! Too bad it is ‘going out of business’ … well, ok, hibernation, but, same thing… 🙂


    1. Well, they seem to be a pretty active group up there. Large group was planning to go to the release party, which was Thursday. Sooooo. . . I’m hoping this means that they will reorganize into something really fabulous. Thanks, John!


  3. angryricky says:

    Your poem was very good. Some of the other things there were too, but yours was definitely one of the shining lights.


    1. Thank you, kind sir.


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