Diary Entry 666 (those aren’t sixes, they are actually upsidedown nines)

Listen, I know I’m the Monkey’s dad (not his uncle), but I think I’m not bragging too much when I say this is pretty dang brilliant (There might be a pun at the end of that sentence).


The Monkey Prodigy

Marginal Note: This work was originally written by Edgar Allan Poe. It was never published due to the fact that he knew it was terrible.

Stars will not fall

Stars will die out

I’ll never adjust my eyes to absolute darkness

So, baby, light a candle…

as I try to feel my way around…

Oh, shit I tripped

help me out here, Bethany.

Marginal Note: This is not a serious work.

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  1. kittyb says:

    That’s brilliant David..did he really write it ?..Love it..!!


    1. Not, Poe, but my son Micah, yes. 🙂 Thank’s, Kristine!


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