Saturday Song, with Mary Cigarettes, “Bootcamp for the Broken Hearted”

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a Saturday Song. This one appeared over two years ago at a time when I really was needing the inspiration. Having finished that degree now, with more unknown territory ahead, and most of a rather difficult year behind me, I thought I’d share this again with you from the wonderfully kind, and deviously beautiful Mary Cigarettes.

Meanwhile I’m off to be inspired by a weekend with the awesome Bauman Boys Trio, so I leave you with this song. Perhaps you could use some playfully hard inspiration today too? Listen, you’ll thank me later.

13 Replies to “Saturday Song, with Mary Cigarettes, “Bootcamp for the Broken Hearted””

    1. Glad you liked it, Charles. I should have put a link to his videos on YouTube as well. His words and music have been food for my soul for more than half a decade now I think.

      Oh, and the boys and I have had a good afternoon and evening. Made a weird video of our own that, god help me, we may post later after the Monkey is done editing it.


    1. And to you too, my dear friend. So tickled to know I helped start your Sunday off well. Mine started with in an old church a block away, with no sermon, but real live dogs in the sanctuary, and poetry and and a sparkly-eyed old gentleman at the piano who was wearing a fedora. If it was like this all the time I might go to church more often.


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