Gay Marriage

My first post of the New Year was delayed, well eaten actually, in a technical malfunction, so first I want to share my youngest son’s insightful words about civil rights and gay marriage. When he was 12, during the 2008 election I remember him being very frustrated by conservatives on this issue. “What is wrong with them? Have they seen the divorce rate in this country?” He asked. “It’s about 50%. They don’t need your help destroying the institution of marriage; they are doing a fine job on their own!”

The Monkey Prodigy

I haven’t talked about politics much here, and only because I did not find it significant to my art. But, I’ve noticed some activity around here that compels me to address this issue. I need to clear something up to followers and readers of my blog. I advocate gay marriage. Actually, I advocate civil rights.

I want to make this as simple as possible. It frustrates me that sometimes I can be as cogent as possible and people still argue with me or shake their heads. But I’ll be concise here.

I am not a libertarian. I do not think you should be allowed to bring a loaded gun into a movie theater just in case someone yells fire. But this issue is about someone being allowed to be happy.

When I found out my father was gay, my initial reaction was simple. I shrugged it off. It didn’t seem…

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