Richard Blanco’s Penn State Campus Reading

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Last night we featured “Killing Mark” by Richard Blanco for our Thursday Love Poem, and included a short video clip of him reading the poem somewhere. The video description wasn’t helpful with that information, so if  you know please pass that on!

I also mentioned that our local Poetry Under the Paintings crew went to Penn State to listen to him read in October, and it was well worth the hour drive. This video is on the long side, but it appears to be the entire presentation that I found up on Penn State’s official pages. I remember them recording that night, but I had no idea you’d be able to hear my laughter in the audience. Oh my.

If you haven’t heard a presentation by the 20012 Inaugural Poet, you are in for a treat. As I said I was particularly impressed with his warmth and genuine interest in my son and his writing at the end of of that program. It was a very good evening.

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  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    Thanks for this. I’ve been enjoying sundry works of his since the Inaugural introduction.

    Haven’t been to Penn State since – dare I admit it – 1966. I remember it as quite a beautiful campus.

    Belated best wishes for 2014, David.


    1. Yes, you dare! Because if for no other reason it makes me feel young. 😉 No, seriously, they have added on A LOT since then. The campus has expanded but it’s still very pretty. Some lovely old homes mixed in with those blocks of new buildings.

      Happy New Year to you too. I think we still have time for the Chinese New Year. 🙂


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