Saturday Song, with Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend
Vampire Weekend (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hate reading posts that apologize for not posting. It seems tiresome, and makes me want to say, “Well, get on with it then! You’re making a post now.” But it’s unusual for me to go more than a week with out an update on the blog, so I feel I owe my regulars an explanation and at least a thumbs up to let you know I’m still alive.

I’ve been working on a bunch of poetry submissions, including a couple of chapbook contests, so I’ve been rather busy, especially as end of March/1st of April deadlines are about on top of me. So since in my time zone there are still a few minutes left in Saturday I thought I could give you some sort of musical, enigmatic poetic lyrics from one of my favorite bands.

No intro really. You can talk among yourselves about this. What? You want a topic? Okay, is “Ya Hey,” just another indie band phrase, another “Ho, Hey?” That would be alright with me because I like that song too, but since tonight’s song mentions someone who never even says their name, and “I am that I am,” along with some other religious references and themes, I suspect you can make a bit more of it. Go ahead, write an essay if it turns you on.

So without further ado, the Chrysler Building, the Empire State and lots of wasted champagne! Here’s Vampire Weekend with this Saturday Song (Oh, crap! It just turned into Sunday. Well, for those of you on the western U.S. coast. . . ).

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  1. No problem–it’s still Saturday here. 🙂

    And bravo for sending your work out! I’m especially thrilled to hear you’ve put a chapbook manuscript together. My fingers are crossed for all of your submissions!


    1. Thank you, Jennifer! I just for the first time ever got the message from WordPress, “No writing errors were found.” Bull crap! I found my worst pet-peeve possessive error after I already posted. It honestly made me scream. Fixed it now, cross your fingers that I don’t do that in any of my manuscripts. 😉


  2. slpmartin says:

    Best wishes for you many endeavors.


    1. Thank you, Charles! Much appreciated.


  3. Have fun storming the castle!


    1. (For some unknown reason, I’m hop-skipping through my reader leaving Princess Bride quotes. As nervous breakdowns go, I think this is a relatively harmless symptom.)


    2. Much better than one would expect. Hang in there, or let go, or whatever it is you need.


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