Poetry Innovations, from Sculpture to Animation

It’s about time for me to swing shift through the rest of the Easter weekend. Since I won’t see you until I ressurect on the other side (of said weekend; let’s not be so literal and dramatic, shall we?), I am doing the unthinkable and reblogging one of my own posts, from nearly two years ago. Since it is National Poetry Month–international now it seems, I think posts like this that explore ways that poems can speak to new audiences are worth the returned attention. Many of you are new readers since then, and I did promise I’d bring back a few goodies from the past. Enjoy these clips!

David J. Bauman

We’ve been looking at some innovative ways to present poetry to a modern reader, or listener. Here are a few things I found this evening that I thought you’d enjoy.

There is a library in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a few hours from my home that is combining poetry with sculpture. Take a look at this article from last month and some of the exciting projects that are being planned. This calls for a day trip!

Have you ever gone looking on YouTube to see what kids are coming up with as Poetry Projectsfor their English classes?

Next time you are at your local bookstore look for magnetic poetry. We have it on our refrigerator here in our kitchen, and my sons, family, and guests seem to enjoy cooking up new creations on the fridge door. And since the boys are getting older I don’t have to worry so much…

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