Music Monday with Michael Buble

English: Michael Buble walks the Red Carpet at...
English: Michael Buble walks the Red Carpet at the 2009 Junos in Vancouver, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And if you haven’t been paying attention these last several years, it’s pronounced “BOO-blay,” so this post title kinda rhymes, and is sorta metrical, no? Well, I tried. It’s been a tough year in some ways, and a good year in others. My youngest son has had some health difficulties, but he is recovering. I’ve finally gotten a job at the local library so I’m a heck of a lot less stressed as far as work goes. But I realize I’ve not been posting much and I thought some music for the holiday season might be a good way to get re-acquainted.

Michael Buble has been a favorite of mine for a while, and though I was ready to punch through an overhead speaker today while finishing up my Christmas shopping, I have to admit that despite the changes in my personal theology (or loss thereof) over the years, there is something about the music of Christmas that still moves me. It’s that time of year, as the Eleventh Doctor said that’s, “Halfway out of the dark.” And whether it is something you can believe in or not, the story of a god who loved humans enough to become one, has its appeal, especially as a light in a dark time, a reason to hope for peace on earth and good will toward everyone.

Granted, the church hasn’t always done so hot with that message, but the story is still a lovely one, I mean except for all those babies Harod killed and such. It’s all very Game of Thrones really. But whether you celebrate the Festival of Lights, Winter Solstice, Christmas, or the modern Pancha Ganapati, music can soothe a cold heart and lift a weary soul, unless of course your listening to that damned Christmas Donkey song, or Jingle Bells being murdered by June Carter.

So as in years past, whatever your belief system, I offer some of my favorite Christmas and holiday songs, ones that either are new to me or have been a part of my growing up. I respect that you may not be interested, and I won’t be hurt if you’ve already stopped reading.

But back to Mister Buble (not the bathtub guy, the singer), I am almost ashamed to admit that this song kinda gets to me. It’s full of Christmas cliche, of stockings hung with care, children nestled in their beds, and a house filled with “love and laughter.” I realize that the high expectations for a peace and joy that many cannot experience means a great deal of serious depression and sadness this time of year.

The mistletoe says stand in line
Loneliness is what I’ve captured.

But there is something about that magic, that hope, that belief in peace and beauty that spills around the edges of a song like this for me. And there are memories of my mother, gone now almost thirty years, that wrap themselves up in this kind of nostalgia.

What’s moving to me is the new twist he can put on the old bow:

Well, now there’s more than toys at stake
Cause I’m older now but not done hoping.

And. . .

Old Saint Nick has taken flight
With a heart (or our heart?) on board so please be careful.

And finally, the tear-grabber line that makes me feel like I’m cuddled up alone watching my Christmas therapy movie again (Love Actually):

So please just fall in love with me this Christmas
There’s nothing else that you will need this Christmas
Won’t be wrapped under a tree
I want something that lasts forever
So kiss me on this cold December night.

And if all that is still too sappy for you, I understand, but golly he has a lovely voice, and isn’t he just so darned cute?

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  1. slpmartin says:

    Glad to see you back…have a wonderful holiday…may the new year bring you joy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And to you also, old friend!


  2. PB Rippey says:

    Not too sappy at all! A wonderful artist. Happy Holidays!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. And to you and yours too!


  4. Colin says:

    Sorry to hear Micah’s been ill. Hope he’s better now. And merry Christmas to you and yours. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He’s doing better. Thank you! And happy Christmas to you, your hubby and the animals.


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