Music Monday with Mary Cigarettes

cropped-0417001857.jpgI am out the door in just a few minutes with the youngest of my three incredible sons. I’ve been pretty busy lately, mostly in some very good and productive ways (look for an upcoming post about that called, “Where the Heck Did National Poetry Month Go?”), but also in some of those dull and plodding gotta-do-what-ya-gotta-do ways. One the good side there has been the “new” job (a year now this month!), and the newer job of free-lance editing with a lot of exciting stuff in the works for the near future.

The downside has to do with car repairs (the whole damn family’s cars! Seriously), and an old side-job that really should have ended a long time ago. Hard to say no though when the bills come to the door. Keeping lights on and such is important, but it’s not the whole picture. It becomes critical perhaps, the day-to-day, and sometimes it’s a little hard letting go of a sure thing (even if it is killing your knees!) that pays the bills for a risk that will make dreams come true. Sigh. Forgive the ambiguity, but as I said, I’m almost out the door this morning.

This week I want to share a few things that have been an encouragement, a life-line really for me. These include, of course, my sons, my Brian, poetry, and even a little bird-watching, but also some precious time spent with dear friends from over seas last month. I’ve been on a kick of reading tons of “mindfulness poems” lately, and I’ll share more of that too.

But for today, this Music Monday, here is a beloved man whom I cannot wait to one day meet in person. Mary Cigarettes has been so much more of an inspiration to me than he can know. The following videos are among the first of his that I watched several years back during post-forty life change. They still act as compass stars for me to keep me moving some nights. I forget that I have actually accomplished quite a lot, and have every likelihood of doing more if I don’t buy into my own self-criticism.

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  1. marceltina says:

    Forward !! )))

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  2. Burning Bridges that Never Really Mattered. 🙂


  3. The ONLY problem with your blog is that there is not much, much, much more of it. Thank you for the wonderful words and music.

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    1. Than you for brightening my day with that kind comment, Charley!


  4. Things have been “happening to me” lately. Good things. I was frustrated with my life, with some of my choices and behaviors, one of which got me in a lot of trouble (as you know). Soooo, I turned my will and my life’s plan over to God. I accepted my situation, my “problem,” my past. I embraced my future, and began to take steps that will direct my path. Out of the blue, I got two pieces of great news. Mom has asked me to move back home. She needs my help around the house, and I can contribute financially to her being able to keep the house. Also, “the job” has given me more hours on the clock. I like your comment, “I forget that I have actually accomplished quite a lot, and have every likelihood of doing more if I don’t buy into my own self-criticism.” Thank you for sharing that. It is very true. So, I will see you Thursday at work. And Friday. And Saturday.

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    1. Fantastic, AP! See you Thursday


  5. yraduy says:

    Wonderful post. Mary Cigarretes sings and swings in a very inspiring way. Just love it.

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    1. Sometimes it’s what I need to give me that extra boost and remind me of who I am. Mary is marvelous.


  6. it’s so strange and amazing to see my music ripple out into the world like that … even though there’s a natural desire for the work to communicate, i never assume it will, and when it does my eyes nearly pop out of my head. thanks david …i’m so happy that you get something from what i do.

    good times to you and your brian and boys.

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    1. Oh, you are a household name with this crew, and for good reason. If you ever have wondered if you have inspired anyone, just call me. I’ll remind you. 🙂 Cheers to you, your man and that marvelous kitchen and garden.


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