Saturday Songs, and Poems in the Park

You and your crazyIt’s rare that I actually take a Saturday off, and so waking up slowly, coffee in hand I found myself reviewing some old videos, wondering why I’ve let some of them survive, when the recording quality was so bad. But sometimes it’s just the beauty of a live moment captured, not posed for, that really moves me.

Recently at the Cross Keys Poetry’s Art in the Garden (which ended up inside the library due to Thunderstorms), the theme was related to cats, and so for my contribution to the evening I recited Theodore Roethke’s “The Kitty Cat Bird,” a poem I did not yet know by heart back in 2012 when this poem was recorded.

This morning I stumbled across this video from three years ago. We might have been a bit flat, but this was my crazy family with chalk and guitar celebrating a Saturday of National Poetry month in the local park on King Street, across from the library, before I worked there. In many ways it was not unlike a normal day on the porch or anywhere with our crew. We  weren’t planned or poised; we were just enjoying ourselves on a sunny day in April. So here we are, without makeup and off key, but happy.

The poem in chalk was a bit from Dr. Seuss, “Oh the Places You’ll Go.”

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  1. slpmartin says:

    Some nice memories to have a record of…hope your weekend is a good one.

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    1. It’s going beautifully, Charles! I hope yours is too.


  2. Rainer says:


    Lovely vid! 🙂

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  3. stuartporteous says:

    Regardless, if ANY videos of ANY film quality, manage to capture the precious moments of family evolution they’re gold. Thanks for sharing the warmth, tenderness and wholesomeness of just ‘hanging out’ in such rich ways…I’ved always loved ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’ but that statement in that place would be such a great gift for any wandering soul which sends the beauty of your time there…Thanks. as always David, for the time, care and energy it takes to create posts that nurture. honour and extend relationships to Self and others…Cheers

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  4. marceltina says:

    Nice reading…k

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