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Well, not the blog. That’s staying. But I’m moving for the new library job. Right now I am panicking–I mean packing! Next weekend is the big move, and I’m sure we’ll look just as happy as those smiling folks in the picture. Yeah, moving day is always joyful and sweet like that. Meanwhile I’ve been bouncing back and forth between Wilkes-Barre and Northumberland.

So this teeny post is just to say that I probably won’t see you until November. There are lots of old crazy posts you could waste your time with here in the off-chance that you get to missing me. Make yourself at home, and I’ll be back soon!

PS: Word (or more specifically, WordPress) has it that my son, The Monkey Prodigy will be posting again soon too! Isn’t this exciting!?

9 Replies to “Moving!”

    1. Hey! I probably could use the help! I don’t have as many people as I thought I would, but I am worried about aggravating your back.

      PS: I replied to your wonderful “Once in a Blue Moon Post!” *Hugs*


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