It’s No April Fools Joke

In 2013 two of my poems were published in Word Fountain, the Literary Magazine of the Osterhout Free Library. In 2014 the editors left. I would like to think those two events were not connected. At any rate, at the end of 2015 I found myself happily employed as one of the branch managers for the library, where now, along with three others, I have the honor of working to bring Word Fountain to life again. Send us something of yours to consider by April 1st, would you? Thanks!

Word Fountain

On April 1st, 1980, the BBC reported that Big Ben would go digital. On April 1st, 1980, the BBC reported that Big Ben would go digital.

Seriously, our submission deadline for the revival of Word Fountain is April 1st, 2016. Yeah, we did that. Maybe we should have said March 31st, so you wouldn’t think this was some kind of April Fool’s joke. But hey, look it as an extra day, and how appropriate is it that this extra day is a day that celebrates all sorts of fools and foolishness, including writers and writing? Maybe the thought will inspire you to be daring, “foolish” enough even, to send us something.

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  1. marceltina says:

    Good for you David…K

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  2. David, hope I make the deadline. Working on a new poem that seems to be deeper, different, than anything I’ve done before. It’s the first poem I haven’t written in one draft and raced to put it on my blog. What are the submission requirements? Is an e-submission allowed?

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    1. Yes! When you’re ready just email it in an attched Word document to The complete guidelines is on the Call for Submissions page:


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