Music time

The Monkey has been sharing songs by a new favorite artist. I like her too, and I have good reason to reblog this as a Saturday Song. This week my car was in the garage and the boss had me drive his up to the branch library on Tuesday. This pop song came on the radio, not a station I usually listen to, and I kinda liked it. I found myself singing, and bopping my head a bit: “My momma don’t like you/ and she likes everyone.”
Then this morning I woke up singing, “So if you like the way you look that much then you should go and love yourself. ”
Yeah, that song I started singing Tuesday is Justin Beiber’s new hit. I feel awkward, but hey. Anywho, this first one is Natalie Dawn’s totally different acoustic take on the same tune. Nicely done, and I feel redeemed!

The Monkey Prodigy

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