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Word Fountain Cover Summer 2016The new issue, the first in two years, comes out this Friday!

I promise, I’ll soon start blogging about other things again very soon.

I have recordings to share, birding and hiking jaunts to talk about, and perhaps yet a little more reflection on things in the news I can barely handle mentioning right now.

But for the moment, I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me all these Word Fountain shares. This was my first time at editing a literary magazine, and what I didn’t know about the process could fill volumes much larger than this. I’m very proud, of our editors, proofreaders, and of course, our incredible writers. Thanks for letting me share with you about it here.

Word Fountain

The Summer 2016 Release Party for Word Fountain is this Friday at the Osterhout Free Library in downtown Wilkes-Barre, PA. We are thrilled that writers who have contributed their fine work to this project are coming from far and near to attend. We won’t get the chance to share info about every author before the issue is printed, but we did want to give at least one more sneak peek

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  1. Brian Dean Powers says:

    What a busy life! Seems like you deserve a nap, or maybe a glass of red.

    As for things in the news, I could only manage to write a poem of just 13 words about “that event”.

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    1. The best I could do was a rant or two. That’s been deleted here and elsewhere, in part because I couldn’t take the mostly well-meaning comments, and well . . . all the other things out there on the topic, from haters and well meaning people, allies to enemies.

      But even before this, the hikes and birds have been anchors to some sanity. Since I moved up here 8 months ago I had only been into the woods twice, both when friends visited in November and May. The last two months though I have been going out to the woods for a half a day at least each weekend. It was very needed on Sunday, and there is a poem in my head, the works of one that may or may never come out, because it’s very present narrative, and it needs to be lengthy, just by it’s nature. Sort of cataloging my day from when I pulled out onto the street that morning. I may try actually starting to write it down in the next few days. It may go nowhere, just one of those pieces helping me to process what happened.

      But you’re right, life does feel a bit busy at times. I haven’t been doing the freelance work lately, but the library, since I bounce back and forth from my branch to the main branch, feels like working two jobs. And there are a lot of connections to navigate (two other branches, community relations committee, the literary magazine). I love it, but I need to rein it all in and make this job mine now. It’s all kinda out there all over right now.

      Thanks for being my therapist this morning! 😀

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