Stop Asking If People Are Ready for Christmas

This is getting some attention on Facebook, so I thought I’d share it here again.

Things are much better this year, but I still firmly believe in this post. As a great poet once said:

Do I reblog myself? Very well, I reblog myself.
I am not a multitude; I contain singles.

David J. Bauman

christmas tree at shopping mall christmas tree at shopping mall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you want peace on earth? Would you like to spread good will toward women and men? Then please, for the love of god, reindeer and all that is sacred and sane, stop asking that damned question! No, seriously, stop it. What are you thinking? What is wrong with you people? Stop asking others, “Are you ready for Christmas?”

My scenario today : I was going to leave around noon to “finish my shopping,” but after being up for a couple of hours this morning, I found I had a bit of a headache and so, it being Sunday, I crawled back under the covers for a while, thinking when I got up I’d have some more coffee and sit at my kitchen table with my little notebook and pen, and scribble out my list and make my plan. I mean, I…

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