A Tuesday Tune

I have been meaning to share this song on a Monday Music post or a Saturday Song feature, but my youngest son, Micah got it up on his blog first as a Tuesday Tune.  I know not every Christian is like this. There are many out there who are good people but many of the ones from the protestant subculture I grew up in, well . . . it is rare to bring back emotion from that time, enough to choke me up, but this is how they made me feel.

Please check out the Monkey’s blog:  Source: A Tuesday Tune

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  1. Brian Dean Powers says:

    Yikes. That’s about as raw as any song I’ve heard.

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    1. I know, right?


  2. New to me and loved it. Thanks!! Checking out her other music.

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    1. She’s wonderful. I credit Micah for introducing me to her this past year. She and her husband do some great stuff together too as Pomplamoose. http://www.pomplamoose.com/
      Her own music is so good but I swear, every cover I hear her do I like better than the original. She always does something fresh and perfect with them.

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  3. renobarb says:

    Thanks for introducing me to a wonderful artist. Powerful emotions packed into a quiet song.

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    1. Yeah, gets to me every dang time. Thank you so much for listening and responding!


  4. Yeah. I grew up with a different but definitely related Jesus.
    Powerful stuff indeed.
    Love her voice and style. Thought she seemed familiar and then I found why.
    Thanks for the link.

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    1. haha, yes, I just shared a link to the duo in a comment above. My friend Joel of the Green Caret blog played me something by Pomplamoose and I said I really liked it and that the girl reminded me of Natalie Dawn. He said, “That IS Natalie Dawn!” 😀

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