Nobody Knows, a Saturday Song

That title is a good argument for the clarity that commas can bring. But that’s a discussion for another day.

Today, I just want to pull you away from the news sites and have you cuddle up with me for a bit while we listen to one of my favorite bands. I know how stressful following the Twitter and Facebook feeds can be. And I know how torn we are between the need to stay informed and the desire to throw weighty objects at politicians on the TV screen. Every email in your inbox seems to imply that the world will end if you don’t do something right now.

“Nobody knows how to get back home . . . “

I assure you, there is some balance to be found somewhere between being a concerned citizen, engaged in politics, and just allowing yourself to enjoy what comforts we humans have fought for and remained engaged to protect.  And I know, like when a house catches fire, that some days call for more immediate and urgent action than others. But you cannot remain in the fight-or-flight stage for long without exhausting yourself. And yeah, that’s probably what they want, for us to tire of it so much that we go back into our holes and hide. One could argue that much of the country has already done that and it’s lead to our current situation.

“Through the darkness to the dawn . . . “

But honey, even soldiers need to stop and sleep, take nourishment, and read a letter or write one, sing a song. Remember what we are fighting for, right? That family you are fighting to protect needs you to keep fighting, but maybe not today. Maybe this afternoon you should go build that snowman with your kids or, in warmer climates than mine, take a hike along the beach with the dog, the family and a frisbee. The fight will still go on tomorrow and you’ll be better rested and more full of hope for it. You don’t want to forget “how to get back home.”

This was the theme for the lovely remake of Pete’s Dragon. Yeah, I am guilty of allowing myself to be a sappy softy sometimes. That’s okay too, necessary even. The words to today’s song are simple but moving, helpful is the word that comes to mind. It’s okay to get back home today. Rest and nuzzle someone. You’ll be a better human and a stronger citizen for it.

“Love is deep as the road is long
and moves my feet to carry on.”

And maybe with a little rest and our senses back, we’ll remember what we learned reading Huxley’s Brave New World, that we don’t always want comfort anyway. Obviously, we have the real danger already. But we also want things like poetry, freedom, and goodness. I think that’s what the danger is for, or what we are best at using it for.

Take a moment or a day though first. We need it. I think the name for this band is perfect, “The Lumineers.”

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  1. Milton told me to like this.

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    1. He’s a good cat, that Milton.


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