Tuesday Tune Unbelievers

Vampire weekend
Vampire weekend (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s not that I don’t believe in Tuesday Tunes, but since I already feature Monday Music and Saturday Songs, I usually leave the Tuesday Tunes to my son, the Monkey. But I kinda needed a song to bring the mood up a bit here on this blog and I missed Monday, so now I’m cheating.

Micah’s tune yesterday featured the Menzingers who seemed to be filming in Scranton, the so-called Electric City, just a short distance up the valley from where we live. It’s kind of a fun video and worth watching.

For me, I was thinking still of Oka, and I remember a recent Facebook post in which a friend of his said that Okla claimed it was the perfect song for her. Okla was a man of faith, not that he interpreted the Bible literally, but he was all about love for and toward his fellow humans. We had joked once or twice about how my unbelief and his belief actually had a lot in common. So I could see him smiling and recommending this song for me too.

The Lumineers, Vampire Weekend–we seemed to have similar tastes in music, so I’ll share this rare Tuesday Tune, complete with the lyrics, in memory of Okla Elliot. May it bring his other unbelieving friends a smile like it did me.

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