Happy Poetry Month

Honestly, it wasn’t my idea this time!

“Exactly what this country needs . . . we are what we believe.”

For the first day of National Poetry Month in the US (Cue comments from friends who write essays about why we don’t need poetry month hoopla. As the kids say, “Whatever.”) Here is a Saturday SongHere is a Saturday Song, well-chosen by the younger poet in the family. When you visit his blog, please remind him that his father said he should finish cleaning his room this weekend.

Oh! And keep your eyes peeled (Who came up with that terrible metaphor? It sounds painful!) for a collaborative Poetry Month feature he and I will be posting each week through April!

Source: Happy Poetry Month

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  1. Happy Poetry Month to you too!

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  2. Brian Dean Powers says:

    A month of happy poetry? I’m in!

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    1. Oh, a truly skilled master of language you are. 😉
      I hate to sound so emo, but are there enough happy poems in the world to last us a whole month?


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