Saturday Song Blossoms, Again

Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have taken some time for some much-needed rest this weekend. So many things I want to write about and so much poetry feels palpable in the air around me, in my head, a tingle in my fingertips. I need to sit down and get back to work, but it feels nice just letting the energy sweep around me a bit first.

Lots of updates I should do for you; a recent poetry festival I attended; upcoming chapbook publication and readings; more Word Fountain goodness, but all I have for you tonight is some more music. Brian and I have been loving the new Twin Peaks episodes, and I’ve already shared with you one of my new favorite bands because of it. Check out that post if you missed it.

But tonight I thought I’d share a couple other songs from them that just take me back, with their old/new sound to some of the Eddy Arnold-type music I used to play when I listened to my mom’s old records. The second two videos are evocative of those sounds and emotions for me, yet with richer harmonies, it seems. This first one is their new studio recorded video for the song they played at the end of the new Twin Peaks, episode 3. It’s definitely David Lynch inspired, with Laura Palmer water motifs, or so it seems to me.

More on the updates over the next couple of days. Meanwhile, enjoy. As the younger brother, Jack says, “Blossoms is a verb. The Cactus Blossoms, and so can you.”

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