Saturday Song with Sting

Sussex England, 2010 by Robert Montgomery

I am trying to be a busy, or at least a productive, writer today. Clearing off my desk, sorting through my notes, preparing my files. I have been getting announcements out about the coming publication of my debut chapbook and I have a list of book reviews and other projects to plot and produce.

So in the spirit of clearing off my desk and clearing out my mind, here’s a Saturday Song feature for today. Someone once told me that the way to let an earworm out of your head is to sing it to someone else. It gets it out of your system and passes the bug on to someone else to carry. I am, however, being very kind to you by passing along a gorgeous, deep and beautiful earworm today, not just some catchy ditty (not that there is anything wrong with those).

The above image by Scottish text artist Robert Montgomery was posted to Facebook this morning by fellow poet and dear friend Philip Clark. You can read more about it at Poets & Writers. It set me thinking about a song by Sting and songwriter Gordon Sumner. The lyrics focus, not so much on the beloved, as on the feelings of the one speaking in the words.  And this, I suspect, is why they are so effective. It helped me cope and move on, allowing me to agree to what I felt and what had happened so that I could live more honestly from there.

I’ll leave the rest of this between you and Sting to sort out. Happy Saturday! Weekend updates on the way soon!

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  1. Brian Dean Powers says:

    Congratulations on the chapbook. You deserve it.

    That sign reminded me of the song, “My Ghost.”

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  2. joelshowalter4 says:

    Interesting thing that you should probably know: Sting and Gordon Sumner are the same person. The latter is his real name, or at least the name he was given at birth. So it was with his tongue firmly in cheek that he titled his (brilliant) 1993 album “Ten Summoner’s Tales.” 🙂


    1. Ah! THAT explains why I couldn’t find Gordon credited half the time! And why in one of the videos he says in the video, “The next one is one of mine.” Will edit that. Ah hem . . . And to think, I was just trying to give proper credit to the writer!

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