Janet Locke, Two Poems

These are the last poems from Word Fountain’s recent print issue to be added to their webpage. It was an honor to record Janet Locke’s poem, “Attention,” especially since she told us, after it went to print, that the friend she speaks of in the poem was my beloved Shakespeare professor Doctor Ervene Gulley. I had no idea that impeccably prepared and seemingly perfect woman had a reputation among friends for being late.

This seems a good time to bow in appreciation for the mentors and teachers we have lost. Please follow the link below to hear the reading.

Happy 2018 to you. May your year be full of serendipitous discoveries.

Word Fountain

Janet Locke

The microwave clock
tells me I’m running late,
even though it runs slow.

So also say my cell phone,
my watch, and my wall clock.

A good friend was late for
everything, and she was perfect

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  1. eliza rudolf says:

    Nice post❤👍


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