Poetry Month: Week One with Aphra Behn

I know I linked to this the other day, but in case you missed it, here is an old poem from the1600s by a lady poet that I had not heard of until Micah and I started this year’s poetry month project, committing ourselves to recording poets we have not read (out loud, “on tape”) before. We’ll each be posting a new poet each week this month for a total of 8. Hope you enjoy it!

(PS: Here’s another link from my son’s page to show you some of what we did last year, along with a few of his other recordings! That should give you a good Sunday dose of poetry!)

The Monkey Prodigy

Below is my first poetry reading of poetry month. Dad and I are going to be posting once a week these recordings by poets we have not read aloud before. Anyway, below is the first recording of mine, a poem by Aphra Behn.

P.S. There is a bird chirping in the background of this recording. He’s just singing along to the song.

Song by Apbra Behn

Oh love! that stronger art than Wine,
Pleasing Delusion, Witchery divine,
Wont to be priz’d above all Wealth,
Disease that has more Joys than Health;
Though we blaspheme thee in our Pain,
And of Tyranny complain,
We are all better’d by thy Reign.

What Reason never can bestow,
We to this useful Passion owe:
Love wakes the dull from sluggish ease,
And learns a Clown the Art to please:
Humbles the Vain, kindles the Cold,
Makes Misers free, and Cowards bold;
And teaches…

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