Saturday Songs with Lucy Dacus

Wyoming Valley Pennsylvania
Wyoming Valley Pennsylvania (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Hint: It doesn’t look like this anymore.

I’m going to give my friend Raul Clement a bit of a plug for his excellent work at New American Press just because they put out damn good writing. Check them out, and send them some of your best work (after thoroughly reading their guidelines, of course). I met Raul maybe two years back when I first moved up here to the Wyoming Valley, which is, oddly enough, nowhere near Wyoming (Northeast Pennsylvania. Weird, right?).

They were doing a reading series at a local Irish pub, and one of the Wilkes University professors told me about it.  I was seriously impressed, and since they did a little combo discount, I bought four or five books from the fiction and poetry writers who were there to read their work that night.

Since then Raul and I have only gotten to know each other on Bookface, but hopefully, I’ll get to visit him in his new home in Chicago eventually. One of the many things I’ve learned is that he’s got excellent taste in music, and when he says he likes a song, I want to check it out. I’m not sure how I missed Lucy Dacus when she did her NPR Tiny Desk concert two years ago, but I’m happy to have found her now.

So here for the Saturday Songs feature is Lucy’s song that came out last year. I love a good song that, as Raul said, “actually goes somewhere.” Below that video, you can enjoy her eleven-minute mini desk concert, just in case you missed it too. You’re welcome.

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