Fishing for Trey Platoo

How such a simple line can stop you cold. Beautiful.

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“Still Life with Mackerel, Lemon and Tomato” By Vincent Van Gogh (1886)

Fishing for Trey Platoo

By Bunkong Tuon

Editor’s Note: This is the fourth post in a series of poems about the immigrant experience in America. Our late Managing Editor, Okla Elliott, featured Bunkong Tuon’s work on As It Ought To Be back in January of 2017. Okla was particularly concerned about the anti-immigration rhetoric heating up in America and he hoped to showcase the voices of immigrants on our site. In honor of Okla’s memory, Tuon has allowed us to feature more of his poetry about his experience as an immigrant from Cambodia in the United States.


Fishing for Trey Platoo 

You might have seen them 
fishing on the shores of the Cape Cod Canal: 

My uncle in his fisherman’s hat 
pulling in a one-foot scup, my aunt in her pajama-like 

pants walking backward up the…

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  1. Brian Dean Powers says:

    One of the finest aspects of poetry is to show us experiences outside our own, and this poem surely does that.

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    1. Yes, I like that thought. So often we hear of that Alexander Pope phrase: “What oft was thought but ne’re so well expressed.” But even better is the art that can introduce us to something foreign to our experience, and yet make us feel it, at least to a degree. Not just expressing it in a new way, not merely making it new, but showing us a new thought entirely.

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