Angels & Adultery

My second poetry chapbook: Angels & Adultery was selected by poet Nickole Brown for the Robin Becker Series at Seven Kitchens Press (May, 2018). And I still can’t quite get over it. You can order a copy from Seven Kitchens Press.

This is what Nickole had to say about the manuscript:

Angels & Adultery opens with a sometimes impossible question, one posed by Robert Lowell in his poem, “Epilogue”: “Yet why not say what happened?” This, exactly is what David J. Bauman sets out to do in these aching, raw poems that tell a kind of truth beyond the typical confession to create a narrative that is culpable, terribly difficult, but not without humor and flashes of joy. Here you have the complexities of queer life caged by convention, loving “with a fist,” desire exiled to strip joints on the edge of town. As one poem says, “these are the pieces of my life; this is everything. Help me.” And this, of course, is just what I wanted to do as a reader—reach in towards the speaker of these poems and help—but ultimately, they ended up doing what most good poems do: They helped me instead. As David reminds us in “Genesis Retold,” “Don’t listen to the lies they tell you. Paradise was never lost.” This was what I needed to hear most, and this collection made me believe it.

You can read a sample poem from the manuscript here. and you can order it by clicking here. Or email me at, or just scroll down and click on that pretty DONATE button, a buck fifty to the cost for shipping (in the US) and I’ll sign and send you one myself!

You can check out my first poetry chapbook Moons, Roads, and Rivers (Finishing Line Press, December 2017)

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  1. Ann says:

    What a lovely, lovely review! hurrah!

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    1. I got rather choked up when I read Nickole’s words. As I’ve said elsewhere, being published by Ron Mohring’s Seven Kitchens Press is a joy, finding out that Nickole chose my manuscript makes it a double blessing for me. Oh, Ann, you should look up her poems. You would LOVE her collection Fanny Says!


  2. Steve Mitchell says:

    Hey old friend, You poems always are valuable to me.Laughter,joy,tears,love all are present. In the current post it states,for a sample poem press here. Twice pushing the here put me on a page for comments.I plan to purchase your new book but am unable to at the moment. Ann Keeler Evans and I ended our marriage about a year ago as we both had health problems.I am in a Nursing Home and my bank account just got hacked so my funds are gone. Sorry for painting such a sad picture. Actually I feel very positive and am making progress toward drumming and independent living. Tell Brian and your amazing family hello from me. We will see other again soon and keep writing. Peace,steve mitchell n Sent from my iPad


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    1. Hey, Steve! I see I had the wrong link. I’ll fix that, but for now, here it is:

      Let me know how I can send something to you. Send me your address at

      Miss you much brother. Always appreciate your kind encouragement.


  3. David,
    I see, upon my return, you’ve been quite busy! Congrats on the books… how exciting!
    I may ping you off-line to get some insight into the process.

    Congrats again,


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    1. Yes! And my son, Micah and I are working on a father-son collection too. It’s been a lot of sending out and a lot of rejections, revisions, and stubbornness on my part! 🙂


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