TBT—Matthew Macfadyen’s Version of Sonnet 29

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Time for a Throw-back Thursday. I’ve featured this recitation of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29 on the blog before, during one of the 2011 or 12 poetry month video extravaganzas. It came to mind this morning when some poet and artist friends of mine were talking about a different actor’s rather affected and, to me, pompous reading of it. I prefer this version, which feels a bit more natural, and puts the Sonnet into a more modern context, proving again the Bard’s work transcends time.

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  1. Brian Dean Powers says:

    It is indeed a fine reading. Although every word is clearly spoken, I got out my copy of the sonnets from years (and years and years) ago in college. This poem has more handwritten notes on the page than any of the others. It’s the one that touched and touches most deeply.

    (I like the new WP template you’re using. Which one is it?)

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    1. Yes, it’s a deeply meaningful piece to me as well. The theme is Dyad 2! And I am thinking of going a step further into a format that can more easily highlight my recordings and videos. We’ll see how soon I can put up the money to do that. But yes, I like this grid effect too. Thanks, Brian!


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