Upcoming Readings in NYC and Tannersville, PA

Looking ahead, here are two readings updated to the Events and Readings page today. It’s been a bit of a summer lull, but hopefully, we’ll have more to add soon!

Thursday, December 6:

Jefferson Market Library, NY, NY

Voices of Poetry Reading at the Jefferson Market Library, 425 Ave of the Americas at 10th St, New York, New York. The time is 6:00 to 8:00 PM and I’ll be reading with Justin Boening, author of Not on the Last Day, but on the Very Last DayDevon Walker Figueroa, co-founding editor of HorsetheifBooks; Jennifer Colella Martelli, author of The Uncanny Valley; and Francine Witte, author of Not All Things Burn the Same.

I am looking forward, not only to the reading but to checking out this gorgeous building, which was formerly the 1877 Jefferson Market Courthouse. It’ll be a pleasure to be reading in the village again, and this time seeing it from the tower.

Date TBA, Spring 2019:

Northampton Community College, Monroe Campus, 2411 Route 715, Tannersville, PA. This will be part of their Arts and Lecture Series. It’ll be a 45 minute reading, followed by a question and answer period. I’ll post the exact date and time soon as they are putting the final touches on their schedule.

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