Through the Dark

My son Micah and I have been working on a manuscript for some time. It’s received a few glowing rejections from publishers, but we’re hopeful that it will find a home soon. Each of us has had a few pieces from the chapbook published in literary magazines and journals so far. This one found it’s way into the hands of the good folks at The Citron Review, and it appears there among an excellent cast of writers, including poets Shannon K. Winston and Richard Foerster. Be sure to check out the entire Winter, 2019 issue of The Citron Review, which features a bundle of engaging fiction, creative nonfiction, and micro-fiction as well.

I made several takes of this the other night (there might or might not be a blooper reel). Then I rerecorded it again last night because I wanted to make sure the pace was slowed down and the tone was right. I have often thought that speaking the lines of another’s poem can be a profound experience and a satisfyingly intimate way of wrapping my mind around their work.

It turns out this is true for my coming to grips with my own poems as well. Even though I read them out loud in the final editing process, it’s a beautiful thing to discover upon coming back, that they still say new things to me. So, here is my recording of “Through the Dark.” Read along at The Citron Review by clicking here.

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