Birding with Bernie

I’ve been asked why I don’t post much about my birding here. Maybe it’s because I’m not a photographer, and so I don’t have many of my own original images to share with you. I suppose I could write more on the experience—I’ll work on that.

My ex was great at that. I could take him along and spend all my time scanning the horizon for then next hawk or observing flight behavior though my binoculars, never having to worry about getting the right shot because he would have all the photos for me to look at later. Maybe that’s why we seemed to get along so well. We could spend long periods of time doing our own thing and not have to talk to each other. Hmmm . . . I think that’s material for another blog post, maybe a poem.

Anyway, I’m working on a post about the wonderful Amanda Gorman’s inaugural poem and reading. While you’re waiting for me to get all the videos and links together, enjoy this little bit of fun as I indulge in today’s meme craze.

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  1. PB Rippey says:

    I could not stop giggling last night as the Bernie memes overtook my Twitter feed. Love them all. I hope Bernie loves them too.

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    1. I hope so. It was just so nice to have one day dedicated to the uplifting and lighthearted side of things.


  2. Thanks! It was a bit too fun. I had to stop myself from overdoing it.


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