Through the Dark

My son Micah and I have been working on a manuscript for some time. It’s received a few glowing rejections from publishers, but we’re hopeful that it will find a home soon. Each of us has had a few pieces from the chapbook published in literary magazines and journals so far. This one found it’s…

Impromptu Monster Mash at the Haunted Porch

Dad was playing the required spooky sounds when he decided to play something really scary: Rufus Wainwright doing Judy Garland! The monsters loved it. What the video doesn’t show is the sidewalk full of trick-or-treaters just staring at us, not sure what to make of it all.

Blooper Reel – Failed Poetry Readings.

I will try to edit the one where I broke down and started yelling at the cat for howling on the video, but it’s a bit long until you get to the funny part. For now, I hope these give you a little chuckle. Ear Plugs… no wonder Brian was able to sleep with the…

Inside the Mind of a 15 Year-Old Boy, Part 2

In the words of Jonathan: “Dad, you know that statistics indicate far more accidents result from texting while driving than from drinking and driving. But the greatest danger of all is drinking and texting.”