A Ritual to Read to Each Other, by William Stafford

Poems for Stuart, Part 3

stuart and davidI mentioned in the previous two parts of this series that my dear friend Stuart came to America this summer to visit with his son. What a blessing to me that on the way to Frank Lloyd Wight’s “Falling Water,” they took the time to divert slightly north and meet me at a restaurant in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. There we had a lovely time over food and drink in an outdoor cafe on the sidewalk. It wasn’t part of the original plan to meet at a restaurant where I once worked, but such are the serendipities of life.

After dinner, we went to the river to fulfill a small side-goal of the visit. Stu had asked if during our time together this day, he could record me reading a poem that was meaningful to this period of my life, and so I came “prepared.” As it’s difficult for me to choose a favorite among the many poems that have spoken to me of late , I came with several possibilities in mind. Finally, I decided on this one.  Continue reading

Saturday Song, Cleopatra Part 2


 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this week’s Saturday Song one of my favorite bands returns with a recent Saturday favorite. Back in May I shared a live version of this tune and a bit of the story behind it, but just last month the Lumineers released the official video, and I’m even more in love than I was before. I don’t know the name of the actress who plays the cab driver, but I adore her. She’s perfect. And there is just something about her smile when she meets eyes with cellist Neyla Pekarek during the band’s cameo.

On the band’s web page Wesley tells the story:  Continue reading

Flashback Friday, Overvision

15sec Exposure of the lunar eclipse from my ba...

Lunar eclipse, Sydney. August 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is Flashback Friday still a thing? Are people still hashtagging this? Or has #ThrowbackThursday stolen the show? What can I say? I like flashing, and my throw is always a little late for whoever is up at bat on Thursday. So here’s a rewind to 2012 when I read my poem, “Overvision,” at Poetry Under the Paintings, Faustina’s Art Gallery in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

You probably need to crank up the volume for my video, but then adjust it back to listen to the gorgeous voice of Frances Uku, who does my poetry an immeasurable kindness in recording this piece also. What a lovely thing to do, and frankly, her reading is my favorite.  Continue reading

I’m officially in love with Poetry Breakfast.

Poetry Breakfast


Where lichen blooms green on the hickory.
Where an unblinking rabbit hunches

in his burrow. Where dried hydrangeas
and broom sedge rustle in the breeze.

I watched you carry an armload of oak
through the uphill brush and stack

the rounds in the wood cradle.
When the red hawk unfurled his cry

between bare branches, your eyes
lifted and your lips parted. I saw you

breathe in his longing. Watched it
unfold, flowering within your chest.

From Rooted by Thirst – A chapbook by Tina Mozelle Braziel.

About the Poet:
Tina Mozelle Braziel, a graduate of the University of Oregon MFA program in poetry, directs the Ada Long Creative Writing Workshop at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Her poetry has or will appear in The Cincinnati Review, Southern Humanities Review, Tampa Review, and other journals. Her chapbook, Rooted by Thirst, was published by Porkbelly Press. She and her…

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Birding – A Poem by Tina Mozelle Braziel

Saturday Songs of Hope

Lots of changes coming to the blog, starting next week, including podcast plans. Meanwhile, between Brexit woes and the dangerous situation that is American politics right now, I thought we could use two Saturday Songs this week. A double-shot reminder that we should hug someone at least once a day because we’re all in this together.