Saturday Songs with Devotchka

Devotchka, Nick Urata, Denver, Music
Photo from Mike Bradshaw

Though, I loved them, it turns out I had only heard a bit of the music of Devotchka. I knew them from the Soundtrack of Little Miss Sunshine and from their Album, 100 Other Lovers. But when I asked Brian to put some of their music on USB for our recent drive to Columbus, I was delighted to hear three whole albums of their material that were new to me! I have for some time now been into bands with lots of instruments, and I’m a sucker for a girl with a cello or base, almost as much as I am for a boy with a piano. Their genre has been described as “gypsy punk,” though I would not have expected such a description for what has honestly become one of my favorite bands ever.

I’ve shared their music with you before, but it’s been a while since we did a Saturday Song Feature, so here’s a taste of what kept me going on the road recently. I mean, aside from the joy of officiating the wedding of my dear friends Joel and Tony, something I’ll tell you more about in an upcoming post!

Due to small things, like music and this incredible vegetable soup I just made, but also big things like my son coming through surgery well, and healing, and good friends who have found love. My heart is full of joy this weekend.

And as I was posting this, I discovered Devotchka has a new album coming out in August! Small thing maybe in the course of this crazy world, but it’s just one more way that that the world has shown it can still be a beautiful place.

Reflecting on the recent poetry reading with good friends, one of whom was a groom in the wedding I had the honor of officiating, and now two more dear friends (who just happened to meet through knowing me!), yet live oceans apart, are now planning a wedding of their own. In light of all of this, even the soup, how fitting it is for Devotchka to celebrate with a new album! Thanks, folks! Here’s a peek:

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  1. Brian Dean Powers says:

    What a tremendous honor to be asked to officiate a wedding! I think people who want to marry should do so soon, as it now seems possible Trump’s Supreme Court could reverse the Obergefell decision.

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    1. It was! I was so honored to be asked, especially by a gay friend from college days when we couldn’t come out to each other. It’s good to see when the triumphs happen. We don’t always get the chance to reconnect like that.
      As for marrying soon? I get what you are saying, but I don’t want to let them determine our timeline. We’re not going to speed up our agenda out of fear. Maybe that’s not practical? But maybe it’s our form of protest. We’re still aiming for 2020.


  2. I hadn’t popped by in a while and thought I would see what was going on at your end of the lane.
    And was glad to find you in such a good and happy place (though taken aback at the news of your sons health problem – relieved that all is well.)
    I finally feel like I have my feet under me for the first time in a long while – its been 2+ years since Mom’s death and a long season of debilitating grief – became a bit unhinged but now calmer and writing again.
    Nice to see all your news, my friend.

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    1. Good to hear from you, Kathleen. Yes, aside from a few troubles: Micah with his injured foot propped up most of the time (at least it gives him time to write!), Josiah with his old football knee acting up, and Jonathan in search of a new company since his workplace was sold and closed . . . yeah, there are some struggles but we all seem to be taking it in stride, if you’ll forgive the pun. I’m running a new library and loving it. Artistically, we’ve kept busy with Micah and I working on a new book, and Micah working with Jon on an album of songs. I think Jo would love to get back to doing summer theater, so hopefully he’ll be able to do that eventually.
      I’m glad to know you are doing better. I suppose our new book is all about the unhinged years after tragedy. Good to see you feeling at peace!

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