Music Monday with Devotchka

I am so happy about this. You may remember recently I said that Devotchka was my favorite “nationally-known” band (I have to put that qualification in for friends and relatives who put out some fantastic music of their own). They are a crazy mix of genres, with gypsy and international influences, a touch of circus and cinema. And what I love about them most is that you can tell that they just really love to play. 

I knew that Nick Urata, the lead, was spending a lot of time scoring movies. You may recognize his work from the theme to A Series of Unfortunate Events and the soundtrack to Little Miss Sunshine. And while they’ve been performing everything from concerts to house tours, I was worried about when or if I might hear a new release from them again.  Their last studio album was 100 Lovers from 2011.

Well, they are on tour now, and just this weekend they released their new album This Night Falls Forever, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I have a birthday coming up, so I’m hoping someone got all the (many, many) hints. To learn more about the band, here’s a recent interview in Dogma, and a little review of the new album from Marquee. This quote from the Dogma piece might intrigue my fellow literature lovers: “Were DeVotchKa born a river, instead of an orchestral indie rock band, it would be a wide, wild tributary that led to Virginia Woolf’s lighthouse.”

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