Saturday Songs on a Sunday

One Day Late, and All Over the Place It’s the birthday of astronomer Edmund Halley (Just imagine this being read in the voice of Garrison Keillor). On November 8th, 1656 the first astronomer to predict the return of a certain comet, to be named later, was born somewhere in England. I really should look it…



A View of Home

Can I Turn On the Radio, by Earl Pickens

I’m off to spend a belated fathers day with my boys, so here is a quick musical uplift for this Sunday from a local favorite of mine. If you ever get to see Earl in concert you’ll be in for a treat. It’s like he’s doing a fun little gig for a few close friends….

Music Rolls on: Wagon Wheel Cover, by Ashes for Trees

Wow, what a week it’s been! Sorry, that was supposed to be a musical week on the blog, but things got away from me. I filled out applications and got a new job, quit the old one; I decided I couldn’t finish my degree and make my dreams come true while breaking my back making…