Happy Birthday to Mary Oliver

Oh, yeah, and to me! There’s a poet whose loss I was planning to write about, but then I remembered that I share a birthday with Mary Oliver today. And so instead of thinking about aging and death, I decided that first, it would be a good idea to spend a little time in the…

William Stafford Weekend

Okay, so he was born in January. That actually might explain a lot about the icy, cold beauty in some of his poems, like his famous “Traveling through the Dark,” and “Ask Me,” which begins with those delicious words, “Sometime when the river is ice . . . ” But I was born in September,…

Genesee Trailwalker, Part 3

Originally posted on Rivertop Rambles:
All three parts of this series were written and published on Rivertop Rambles around the 20th of January each of three consecutive years. I don’t know what this proves, other than the fact that I’m another creature of habit. I should probably be careful with that. Predictability can be lethal,…

From the august trees

Originally posted on some little crum creek:
. Some parts of our nature we might never see. But under a rising moon, out from a waning season, an imploring eastern screech owl sounds — savor the mystery. .