What I Heard, and What She Said

Sir Barton and jockey Johnny Loftus, 1919 Prea...
Sir Barton and jockey Johnny Loftus, 1919 Preakness Stakes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Work and social schedule has had me a bit tied up this week, and too tired to think or write clearly. So we will continue the poetry discussion tomorrow since I have the day off, if that’s okay with you. I have so many things to do around the house that I will most certainly be looking for an excuse not to do them. That equals blogging and poetry time, guaranteed.

So for tonight, I give you this little episode from my evening, inspired by John’s post here. I don’t know if you follow horse racing, but I had forgotten that the Preakness was tonight. So while at work, my bartender suddenly shouted something to me, pumping her fist in the air with great excitement, and apparent joy. I was dumbstruck and utterly confused.

What I heard was: “I’ll have another one again!”

What she actually said was, “I’ll Have Another won again!”

Her look of glee turned to puzzlement as I asked her twice what she said, and simply shook my head in bewilderment. It was, for both of us, what I call a Twilight Zone moment.

If you still don’t follow me, the horse’s name was “I’ll Have Another,” and if he/she wins the next race it will be the first time in something like forty years that the same horse has won all three of the big races, the Preakness, the Belmont, and the Kentucky Derby. Way to go, horse with the confusing name. Good luck on your chances for the Triple Crown!

I think I’ll have another now too.

7 Replies to “What I Heard, and What She Said”

  1. What a hoot! I love those Twilight Zone moments! I’m famously having them… I’ll have to post another one tomorrow.

    I’ll have another one again, please! Make it a double!


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