Liking Girls (a little) Less than Boys – It Really Does Get Better

Well, the tests have been taken by Son One and Son Two. The SAT’s were said to be “Cruel and Unusual.” The PRAXIS was tiring but at least it’s done. Meanwhile both Mom and Dad had some good one-on-one time with members of the trio. I am waiting until the rest of the family arrives back from the south to find out how Son Three enjoyed the nature center trip.

So as a break from educational and poetic pursuits this evening, I thought I’d bring you something completely different. It made me laugh; it made me smile; it moved me, Bob. I like the fact that this song tackles a serious topic while poking fun at everything from cultural standards, to country music, to. . . well, itself.

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  1. Great vid–yes, a multi-target parody. By the way, your new blog banner is adorable. And I’m glad your sons survived their exams!


    1. sonofwalt says:

      Haha, I’m glad you like it. I have several of the three musketeers that I plan on using every now and then. It keeps the theme the same, but adds some fun variations.


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