18 Replies to “Smarty Cat”

  1. I don’t know how to share this with you but I think Milton was fairly philosophical to begin with. Just a hunch but he was probably gathering more amo for future “attitude” postures.


    1. Oh, I love how you said that. Yes, he is distinguished, but very approachable, well, then again, not to everyone. He is so loving and sweet with me, even raises a paw to say I need to pet him. But he has been known to hiss when lots of people are in the house, or when they are people he hasn’t spent a lot of time with. He’s a rescued cat, so he’s bonded with Brian and I, but sometimes the boys, well, I don’t know; he might also smell their cat Squirtle on them. ๐Ÿ™‚ I shall do a post about him soon to show you more.


    1. Yes, he’s a clever puss. He’s also very affectionate, though, like all of us, his affection is usually a bit self-centered. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I shall have to post a story about him, as he is starting to really get a fan base going. When I found the poor fellow he was starving, and being fed by the servers at a restaurant I used to manage. The name Marvin was just not appropriate (his full moniker was “Starvin’ Marvin.”) for a dignified kitty, so I named him after the one who penned “Paradise Lost.” It seemed perfect since I at the time needed a roomie, and for both of us it was “Paradise Regained.”


    1. Haha, okay, to appease his newest fan, certainly. Right now he is in a a cushion licking his precious self. I shall ask him which pictures he wants me to use for his upcoming expose.


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